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SEM Worldwide provides a complete line of search engine marketing solutions to businesses worldwide. Through years of working on search engine optimization, ppc, local search and all around search engine marketing strategies we have developed a deep understanding of the search engine advertising industry and this allows our clients to take full advantage of this unique, low cost marketing opportunity. Many of our clients receive thousands of visitors daily and hundreds of thousands of page views monthly at a rate that is minute by traditional advertising standards.

The focal point of our search engine marketing services is "organic" search engine optimization also known as SEO. This is the process of driving a web site along with the unique pages of a web site to the top of the world's major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask) for the keywords and key phrases that your customers are looking for online. This is a multi-step process that combines keyword analysis, onsite optimization (meta tags, title tags, keywords density, etc), site popularity development, local search and more.

While our search engine marketing services can be customized to the needs of nearly any business or industry, our primary expertise lies in a few key areas of specialty. Our SEO experts have extensive experience servicing the highly competitive real estate search engine optimization, mortgage, legal, and  retail industries and also have general experience working in these industries. Our search engine optimization specialists can look at your business with an insider point of view that is rare among technical contractors.

Although our primary focus is on search engine optimization, we realize that sometimes you have additional needs for your online business. We have an extensive list of contacts for any additional services you may need always with an SEO friendly approach. Whether you are looking for a professional design, backend development/programming, ecommerce or just about any other services you can come up with related to you website, we can help you find a solution.

We offer packages and rates for businesses of any size, from the start up to the Fortune 500. Our packages always include the complete line of services required to attain success in the major search engines. If you are interested give us a call at (760) 536-5587 or email us for more information. We are always happy to provide a free site assessment and consultation for your existing site or to provide you with some helpful tips for your work in progress or your future site.